The Flash TV series hunting for a new Big Bad for season 6

The Flash - Season 5 - Ep 22 - 14
The Flash -- "Legacy" -- Image Number: FLA522c_0188b2.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Tom Cavanagh as Eobard Thawne and Grant Gustin as The Flash -- Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

It’s that magical time of year where the majority of the network TV shows are on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean work isn’t going on behind the scenes. Over at The Flash on The CW, the producers are currently on the hunt for their new main villain.

While season 5 wrapped up with Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash (Tom Cavanagh) still a threat, and the Crisis on Infinite Earths hanging over their heads, a season-long enemy is still needed. According to a new snippet from TV Line, that is exactly what the producers are working on.

Who, or what, the new villain will be is still a mystery, but reportedly they are looking to “introduce a new male Big Bad, and rumor has it producers are eyeing diverse actors for the part.” This is a pretty wide-open description and could be any number of villains. The only thing we’re thinking is that it won’t be a speedster. The series seems to have learned that you can have evil speedsters in the mix, just don’t make them the focus. The Reverse Flash will always be in the mix somewhere, somehow, he just won’t be at the forefront.

The Flash will return to The CW this fall for season 6, but no premiere date has been announced as of yet. The first half of the season will likely be at least somewhat devoted to the coming Crisis. The date on the future newspaper has changed to 2019 from 2024, and Arrow only having 10 episodes for its final season, it seems all of the shows will be working towards this momentous crossover event.


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