Mattel announces two Batman San Diego Comic-Con exclusives

Mattel - Batman - Hot Wheels - Armored Batmobile - SDCC 2019 Exclusive - featured

Mattel will be at San Diego Comic-Con with a pair of exclusives that are sure to be attractive to Batman collectors.

First up is a Hot Wheels’ diecast set celebrating 1989’s Batman. The new die-cast set will include the popular 1989 version of the Batmobile along with a figure of the caped crusader, and an armored shell you can place over the car. The set will sell for $25 and come in a collector’s box.

If Hot Wheels aren’t your cup of tea, then you may be interested in the ‘Giant Batman’ set that will be celebrating ‘The Strange Lives of Batman.’ This set will include four versions of Batman from the Silver Age: The classic blue and gray, The Negative Batman, Zebra Batman, and everyone’s favorite, Rainbow Batman.

This set will run you $80 and will come packaged in a window box, which will then, in turn, be inside a box showing panels from the comics that featured these costumes.

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con, and don’t feel like standing in these particular lines, starting on June 17 a limited number will be put up for preorder. You will be able to prepurchase your exclusives and that will give you a guaranteed claim to pick them up at the show starting on July 17.

There are currently no announced plans for sales outside of attendees of the convention.

The figure set is definitely on our radar. Any time there is a representation of the crazy Silver Age costumes, we’re there for it.


VIA: io9