Diamond Select Toys DC Gallery GameStop-exclusive Poison Ivy review

Diamond Select’s Gallery line is usually an amazing value for the $45-$50 retail price. I’ve had quite a lot of them, and with a few exceptions, I’ve always felt like you were getting a lot more than what you paid for—if only in terms of expectations. But their GameStop-exclusive Gallery pieces have been a cut above, typically featuring much better detail work in the paint job than the more broadly-available statues in the line. There’s a new GameStop-exclusive Ivy on the way, and Diamond sent it out for us to review. Does it have the characteristic “upgrade feel” of its exclusive brethren (or sisterthren), or is it run-of-the-mill? Let’s have a look.

The boxes are better

One other thing about the GS-exclusives: instead of the normal three-window box we find on the rest of the Gallery line, DST puts a flap on the front. It typically features a very handsome (or beautiful) picture of what’s inside, and because it isn’t covered in plastic packaging material, you can actually see it. Open the flap and you get artwork on the backside, and the usual third window on the main box itself.

The sculpt

The sculpt is, as expected, essentially flawless. Ivy strikes the sort of pose you might expect from her, inviting twitter-pated do-gooders to come hither and receive her deadly affections. Her actual costume is not as revealing or provocative as you might see in other interpretations of the character, instead looking much more akin to the one-piece bathing suit worn by Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series. The sultriness is all in the attitude. The base is quite nice, as well, featuring—to the surprise of no one—something floral: a huge flower out of which Ivy has most likely stepped from.

While a villainous temptress isn’t the sort of thing I’ll be keeping on my shelf, I admire the artistry just the same, and would say that this is near the top of the heap in the entire Gallery line. Bat-fans who do not share my prudish reservations should scoop this one up.

The paint

The paint job is simply gorgeous, and like most of the other GameStop pieces, it matches the quality of the sculpt in a way that the average Gallery’s paint does not. The detail lines are expertly applied, the actual color choices of costume, skin, lips, and hair are perfect, and that flower is just gorgeous. You wouldn’t think the extra five bucks would allow Diamond’s manufacturing partners to take such a dramatic step up in the paint department, but evidently, it does.


Once again, Diamond has knocked it out of the park with a GameStop-exclusive. Ivy isn’t even one of my favorite Bat-villains, but I think this might be my favorite Gallery, just in terms of pure quality craftsmanship. The sculpt is right on the money, the paint is perfect, and if you ask me, Diamond ought to just raise the price on the whole Gallery line and start making the paint look this good across the board.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received this collectible from Diamond Select for review.