Ray Fisher talks what he would like to see from a Cyborg solo film

Ray Fisher appeared at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio over the weekend, and he has some thoughts on what a solo Cyborg film could tackle.

Fisher had been promoting this appearance for some time now, and it seems he came prepared with ideas for what he would like to see from a Cyborg solo affair.

“I think there’s some repairing that has to take place between Cyborg and his father, in that relationship,” said Fisher. “I think there’s also a lot of ground to explore how much technology is too much technology for humanity, and how fast technology is evolving, and the role Cyborg could play in potentially mitigating the issues that come about because of that.”

He shared several other ideas such as Vic Stone’s inner conflict with his machine side to what would happen if Cyborg was ever hacked by someone with evil intentions.

To be clear, there have been no recent announcements or news on the Cyborg film. It was widely reported that his and Ezra Miller‘s contracts for any further appearances in the roles of Cyborg and Flash were due to expire in May of this year. There have been no updates on whether they signed extensions or if the contracts have now expired.

Will we ever see a Cyborg film? Only time will tell, but Ray Fisher definitely seems keen on the idea.