DC launches new Twitter account for all things Wonder Woman

A new Twitter account has been launched by DC that will be the hub for all things Wonder Woman related going forward.

@DCWonderWoman was registered in Jan. 2019, but it has flown under the radar as it hadn’t tweeted anything until the morning of June 17.

From the bio on the Twitter account, it’s clear it could potentially tweet about anything related to the Amazonian Princess.

More than the world’s most iconic female Super Hero, she is an Amazonian who will do everything to uphold the ideals of justice, peace, & equality. #WonderWoman

And no, it didn’t go unnoticed that the location is listed as “Themyscira.”

This is similar to how things were handled with @DCBatman earlier this month, so it appears DC has a massive new social media push under way. Before you ask, we checked, @DCSuperman does exist, and it was registered in January 2019. Currently it has no artwork on it, tweets or anything else, but we imagine it’s coming pretty soon.

For now, we have two of the Trinity in place, lets go for the third.