How Well Do You Know Batman 1989? – Quiz

Just how well do you think you know the 1989 Batman movie? Ready to test your knowledge?

This quiz will test both what you saw on the screen and what happened behind the scenes. Think you have what it takes? Lets give it a go.

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In most source materials, the Joker fell into a vat of chemicals at Acme Chemicals. In Batman 1989 the company had a different name, what was it?

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Who was originally cast as Vicki Vale?

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How does Bruce describe his life to Vicki?

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What country has Vicki Vale been taking warzone photos in?

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After it was announced that Michael Keaton was cast as Batman, how many letters were sent to Warner Bros. in protest?

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What product are Gotham citizens NOT told to avoid

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In an early draft of the script, Robin was set to be introduced. What actor was offered the role before it was eventually cut?

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In an effort to force Jack Nicholson to take the role of the Joker, the role was offered to another actor who accepted. Later they learned they had been used as a bargaining chip and refused to work with the studio for years.

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Who played the Joker's "number one guy," Bob the Goon?

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The 1966 Batmobile was famously built on the body of the Lincoln Futura concept car. What far more common car was the 1989 Batmobile chassis built on?

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How Well Do You Know Batman 1989?
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