Swamp Thing rumored to being eyed for a new movie

It seems that the cancellation of the Swamp Thing series on DC Universe may be leading to something rather unexpected: A new feature film.

According to a report from We Got This Covered, Warner Bros. has been a bit surprised by the backlash over the sudden cancellation of the Swamp Thing series after just one episode. While we are getting the 10 episodes that were filmed, nothing more is planned at this time, or so it would seem.

Warner Bros. is said to be looking at a new film based on the character, but don’t expect it to be a continuation of the series. The plan is said to call for an entirely new iteration of the character with no connection to the series, and that would include new cast as well. The only thing that would supposedly stay the same is that James Wan would still be involved with the production.

Bloody Disgusting has now chimed in as well and says that it can confirm that there have been discussions internally at Warner Bros. about Swampy making the leap to the big screen. It is definitely only internal discussions at this time and is still just the earliest of days.

Considering how well received the series has been, and that fans were so outraged over the cancelation, this seems like an odd direction to take the future of the character. For now, we are definitely placing this in the, “Just know these discussions have happened” category, and there is a very good chance nothing will ever come of it. We would love to see Swamp Thing treated with the respect he deserves at some point to be sure, we just don’t know when that will ever be.


SOURCE: We Got This Covered
SOURCE: Bloody Disgusting