Abby confronts her past in new Swamp Thing episode photos

Swamp Thing is finding himself further separated from humanity in new episode photos from Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing episode 105, “Drive All Night,” will see Abby confronting her past and how it impacts the present.

Haunted by the ghost of her childhood friend who reemerges from the swamp, Abby’s forced to confront both her past with the Sunderlands as well as the dark forces at play in Marais. While she continues to search for a cure for Alec, he struggles to come to terms with his transformation with the help of a mysterious Phantom Stranger (recurring guest star MACON BLAIR). When Abby’s life is threatened, Swamp Thing is able to use his abilities to save her, but it’s Matt, ultimately, who saves the day – further isolating Swamp Thing from the human world. Meanwhile, Sheriff Cable learns some disturbing information about her son, while Jason Woodrue shares a revelation about Swamp Thing with Avery Sunderland.

Swamp Thing episode 105 will debut on June 28 on DC Universe.