HBO releases new promos for Regina King in Watchmen

HBO keeps releasing promos for its upcoming Watchmen series, and instead of clearing things up, they just seem to constantly deepen the mystery.

All we know so far about the upcoming Watchmen series is that it takes place years after the story we know. A new set of vigilantes are operating, as well as a group that appears to worship Rorshach. The latest three promos posted to Instagram focus on Regina King’s character that we still don’t have a name for.

The promos take us through her donning her costume and then heading out.

All we know is she has a Tulsa Police badge, so is she officially sanctioned? It seems like this post-Dr. Manhattan world is going to be a lot different than the one we knew.

Watchmen still doesn’t have a premiere date beyond “fall,” but we’re anxiously waiting to hear it.