YuMe DZNR Series Batman plush review

I’ve had my eye on the YuMe DZNR Series Batman plush since we saw them at Toy Fair, and they’re finally here.

I had never heard of YuMe prior to the press contact leading up to Toy Fair, but their focus on a Batman-centric line caught my interest, so I scheduled an appointment to see what they were about. I loved what I saw, and worked with their marketing partners to get my hands on some review units. So how are they when I’m not looking at them in the middle of an exhausting, exciting day in New York?


The big appeal of the DZNR series is, of course, the designs. For my tastes, the only boring one of the bunch is the camouflage. It doesn’t pop quite as much as some of the art and logo-based plushes, and the camo doesn’t represent some classic Bat-aesthetic like the simple gray-and-black. That said, my oldest son gravitated toward the camo without hesitation, so I imagine there may be a market for a camo-bat beyond my walls, too.

The overall look is chibi-inspired, and if you don’t know what that is, neither do I—I just know it when I see it. Think big heads, small bodies, eyes set further apart than is natural. Cute, but maybe a little unsettling, too—exactly what a Batman plush should be.

It looks well-made

I suppose time will tell, but these certainly seem to be well-made. Everything looks well put-together, and now that I’ve passed a few out to my kids, they’re getting put through the paces. The Jim Lee-adorned “Modern Age” has been my youngest boy’s nighttime companion for almost a week now, and it has survived his shifting and turning with the grace and strength of Batman himself.

The boxes rock, too

I’m not generally the sort of person who buys figures and other collectibles to keep them in the box. I like to take things out and display them in the clear, so I can see all of the details, pick them up (statues, too) and mess with them. But I also love great packaging.

The boxes on these are simple and understated—which I think is a huge win. You can see the plush very clearly through the window, but I also love the subtle detail of the individual plush pattern showing in the letters of DZNR, and the concept renders of the plush on the back crossing a corner. It’s a slick design, and while the plush itself doesn’t need such a great box to be worth it, it’s a nice part of the experience. And if you are one of those people who keeps their things in the box, then you win even more.


There is no shortage of Batman dolls and toys on the market, but YuMe has distinguished themselves nicely with a simple template and some great-looking variations. The camo may not be for me, but it is for someone, and this basic chibi template, combined with Batman’s rich history, leaves the way open for tons of new editions down the line—and we’re already seeing it happen. If your Bat-collection needs a few new cuddly vigilantes, YuMe’s DZNR Series is a great way to fill that need.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received these collectibles from the manufacturer for the purpose of review.