Don Johnson talks the upcoming Watchmen series

HBO still hasn’t announced a firm premiere date for its Watchmen series, but Don Johnson appears ready to discuss it.

Johnson stopped by Collider‘s The Deep Cut Podcast to discuss his career, and the topic of the Watchmen series came up. As someone who was one of the most iconic actors on television in the 1980s, he could possibly be forgiven having not been aware of Watchmen when it was published, but it appears he was. “I was aware of it because it’s an iconic piece of material,” said Johnson. “It’s probably the classic graphic novel. Everyone refers to it as the primer for all comic genres and stuff like that. This [series] is beyond comics.”

It seems that Johnson became involved with the series as Damon Lindelof is a “friend and former employee” who worked on his Nash Bridges series. He says of the Watchmen follow-up that you “won’t believe what Damon has done and with it and how amazing it is.”

In the last set of promos for the series, Regina King was the focus, and it seems that she and Johnson seem to have worked together closely as he had nothing but praise for her. “There are certain actors you get each other from jump street,” said Johnson. “Others you have to work a little harder to make a connection and eventually you do. But Regina was like putting on a pair of well worn, comfortable Levi’s. She’s a wonderful actress. Talk about someone who can hit it back. She can put any kind of spin on it you want. That was a lot of fun. We just had a blast working together. I’m hoping that I get the opportunity to do other things with her cause she is a gifted, gifted actress.”

Johnson didn’t give any sort of clues to the plot of the new series, but we look forward to learning more as the series approaches.

Watchmen is set to debut sometime in the fall on HBO.


SOURCE: Collider