Kotobukiya unveils Comic-Con exclusive Raven figure

Kotobukiya has unveiled its San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusive figure, and its a white version of Raven from Teen Titans.

Kotobukiya always has a nice repaint for one of its Comic-Con exclusives, and this year is no exception with a white version of Teen Titans Reaven. This 1/7 scale statue stands 9.5-inches tall and is the same mold as the previous Bishoujo statue.

Demons and evil doers beware! Raven is ready for action as she floats in the air, hands outstretched before her to conjure eldritch energies. The Teen Titan wears her classic costume with thigh high boots, bodysuit with long tabard, detached sleeves anchored at the middle finger, and a massive swirling cloak with pointed hood. The limited edition statue features a white costume, which highlights the gold accents on her shoulders and her detailed belt. Sculpted by Hogarii (Jetstream), the flowing movement of the demonic heroine’s clothing gives the statue a life of its own as well as making it look like Raven is floating above your shelf.

For those of you who can’t make it to Comic-Con, the figure is up for preorder right now on Kotobukiya’s site for $84.99, the same price it will be at the show. These orders are for home delivery only, so no picking them up at the show, and you will need to pay shipping.