Ash Thorp teasing Batmobile design involvement for The Batman

Shutterstock - Robert Pattinson - Andrea Raffin
Shutterstock - Robert Pattinson - Andrea Raffin

Every Batman needs a Batmobile, and every Batmobile needs a designer. It appears that we may know who is working on the wheels for The Batman.

Twitter user @Batmancanseeyou reached out to designer Ash Thorp and inquired if he was working on “a certain legendary black vehicle.” Thorp’s response was a simple “perhaps” followed by a black heart.

The question was prompted by the fact that Matt Reeves has followed Thorp on social, and then the artist posted to an Instagram story that he had a great day at work accompanied by an image of the Warner Bros. water tower.

Thorp then seemed to decide to have some fun with everyone by retweeting Matt Reeves tweet that confirmed Robert Pattinson as Batman. The saga of people confirming work on The Batman is becoming like a bizarre set of Russian nesting dolls it would seem.

There’s no indication of what sort of look or feel the Batmobile will have for The Batman, but we’re anxious to see. The feel of a Batmobile’s design is as important as the actor wearing the cowl in a lot of cases.

We can just hope he doesn’t take the H.R. Giger route.

The Batman is due to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.