Beast Kingdom announces exclusive DC figures for Comic-Con

Beast Kingdom - SDCC 2019 Exclusives - DAH-018 - Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Armored Batman - Featured

Beast Kingdom has announced two new DC figures as San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, and they both look excellent.

Both the Armored Batman and Comic Color Version Aquaman are 1/9 scale and stand approx. 8-inches. Each features around 30 points of articulation and will include accessories.

Beast Kingdom has not yet announced pricing on either figure.

DAH-018 Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice Armored Batman limited edition

The fight to end all fights! Batman’s challenge of the son of Krypton needed a battle suit of the highest durability to even stand a chance of going toe to toe!

The Armored Batman DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) from the series of realistic, and highly detailed collectibles, features a 1/9 ratio of highly posable joints. A figure that will look good on any planet it happens to inhabit!

Reproducing the details of the characters of the Batman Vs Superman movie, the figure is complimented with an assortment of rich accessories.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Beast Kingdom, the team is happy to re-launch one of DAH’s most sought after figures, and with this release the cloak is now not only made in fabric, but the armor itself is a bright black coating, reminiscent of the rainy fight from the movie!
The Armored Batman has a highly unique texture, which shines and glimmers under the light, perfect for photography lovers. In addition the steel like breastplate and body are not formed in one piece, but layered, just like in the movie. Finally with up to 30 points of articulation and a wide selection of accessories, the unforgettable battle from BVS is one step away from being recreated in your home today!

DAH-007SP Justice League Aquaman Comic Color Version

An underwater king who inherits the might powers of Atlantis! Finally after the highly anticipated release of the Aquaman movie, a wave of excitement swept across DC fandom, and with that Beast Kingdom is releasing a figure fit for any underwater king! The DAH (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) series of highly posable, yet realistic action figures, recreates the mighty sea warrior of “Aquaman” in 1/9 form, taking inspiration from the “NEW 52” comics featuring the famous justice league character.

The “DAH-007SP Justice League Aquaman Comic Color Special Edition” is based on the designs of “Justice League”, combining Aquaman’s gold and green armor colors in the “NEW 52” comics, to create a powerful visage of the character.

With meticulous sculpting, fine muscle lines, high-quality metallic paint, and a high level of mobility at 30 movable joints, this action figure, which also happens to have a wide range of accessories is a perfect addition to Beast Kingdom’s 10th anniversary line up.

Make sure this King doesn’t miss his spot on your mantelpiece this summer!

San Diego Comic-Con will take place at the San Diego Convention Center from July 18 – 21.