Swamp Thing guides Abby deeper into the swamp in new episode photos

Abby goes deeper into the swamp to uncover the mystery of the swamp on the next episode of Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing episode 107, “Brilliant Disguise,” will see Swamp Thing continue to take on the guise of Alex Holland.

Still taking on the human appearance of Alec Holland, Swamp Thing guides Abby to an area of the swamp blighted with the encroaching Rot. But when her life is threatened, he must use all of his still-developing powers to save her. Meanwhile, Lucilia leads Avery out into the swamp under a pretense, while Maria meets with Nathan Ellery (guest star MICHAEL BEACH), the leader of the shadowy finance group known as the Conclave.

Swamp Thing episode 107 will debut on July 12 on DC Universe.