Emma Corrin talks Pennyworth and the tone of the series

Emma Corrin is having a pretty good year it would seem. About a year ago she was packing underwear in a London startup. Now she’s playing Alfred Pennyworth’s girlfriend, Esmé Whitaker, in Pennyworth for Epix, and preparing to play Diana Spencer in season 4 of The Crown on Netflix.

In a new profile on the 23-year-old actress from The Hollywood Reporter, she goes into detail about her upcoming role and where she took inspiration from to get into the character. We’re not sure that we would have used Mia Farrow’s performance in Rosemary’s Baby as the inspiration, but it makes sense once she explains it.

The written article goes into detail on how she only learned of the audition for Esmé three hours before she had to be there. She quit her underwear packing job on the spot, ran around Oxford Street in London to purchase clothes and get a makeover to make herself look like a 1960s dancer, and get to the audition on time. Don’t let anyone ever say that the young, undiscovered acting life is glamorous.

San Diego Comic-Con will see a lot of Pennyworth promotion happening. With the cast now starting to hit the promotional circuit, we’ll hopefully start learning even more about this series that will see the first interactions of a young Alfred Pennyworth with the Wayne family.

Pennyworth will debut on Epix on July 28.


SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter