Shazam! Honest Trailer: They tried to take their jobs!

The Honest Trailer for Shazam! is finally here, and there are some really valid points to be made.

And a lot of laughs.

While David F. Sandberg has made clear what goes into filming even a simple scene, it seemed he wasn’t really talking about the Honest Trailers take on things.

As per usual, Honest Trailers makes some valid points. It’s a movie firmly targeting kids, and yet, kids have it rough in this story. It all worked out in the end thankfully.

Sit back. Have a laugh. And then remember Shazam! is out on Blu-ray and 4K as of this morning. And Shazam! 2 is still on the way no matter how much fun Honest Trailers may poke at the first one.


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