The Conclave confronts Abby in new Swamp Thing episode photos

Abby heads back to the CDC on the next episode of Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing episode 108, “Long Walk Home,” will see Swamp Thing in danger, and Abby desperate to save him.

After a harrowing journey of survival through the swamp, Avery comes face to face with Swamp Thing, who rescues the injured man. After recovering, Avery vows to return with Woodrue and help find a cure. But can they be trusted? Meanwhile, Abby is confronted by Nathan Ellery and the Conclave at the CDC in Atlanta. Realizing that Swamp Thing is in danger, she returns to Marais – only to find she’s too late. Lastly, Matt learns a secret about Avery Sunderland.

Swamp Thing episode 108 will debut on July 19 on DC Universe.