The Doom Patrol will ride again in season 2

If you’ve been paying attention over the last few months, you know we loved Doom Patrol. But with the premature cancellation of Swamp Thing and the unveiling of HBO Max, we wondered if our unheroes would get a chance to get weird again. And, mercifully, news came at the DC Universe San Diego Comic-Con panel.

Doom Patrol will get a season 2. Our heroes will return to screw things up and make things weird.

Seemingly confirming that my concern wasn’t for nothing, though, Warner Bros. announced a surprising plan for Doom Patrol. When the show does hit, it’ll air on DC Universe and HBO Max simultaneously. I don’t know that this is a death knell for DC Universe, but it’s a suggestion that at the very least, shows won’t just appear on DCU anymore. Hopefully, this means that DC fans will be able to just keep DCU with its piles of comics and weird old shows, while original content like Doom Patrol will appear on both services and get these weird shows in front of more eyes than DC Universe ever could on its own.

And that seems like a good thing, because I need as much Doom Patrol as DC can possibly supply.

There is no release date yet, but with the first season finishing this last spring, we can bet that we’ll see Robot Man and crew in Fall 2020 at the earliest.