Check out Pennyworth early with an EPIX 30-day trial

There are a million streaming services and premium channels, and it seems like every one of them has a comic book show. It’s tough to know which one to put your money down on, and most of the trial periods are hardly enough to get your feet wet. With Pennyworth hitting EPIX next weekend, the premium channel is offering a 30-day trial for its streaming service – along with the chance to check out Pennyworth a full week early.

Here’s what EPIX has to say:

Viewers who sign up for the EPIX NOW Free Trial will have early access to the first episode of Pennyworth starting on 7/21, a full week before its official network premiere on 7/28. Episodes two and three will become available on 7/28, the day of the linear network premiere.

For a limited time, fans can sign up, with the 30 days beginning on the day of sign-up, to gain access to all of EPIX’s critically acclaimed original programming and blockbuster movies, including the chance to binge watch the new series Perpetual Grace, LTD before its finale on 8/4. Consumers can continue the EPIX NOW service when the Free Trial ends for only $5.99 per month.

To get access to that free trial, you can check out the EPIX website. Before you do that, though, you should check out our review. I won’t spoil the show, but I’ll spoil the review – we were surprised by Pennyworth in the best kind of way.

If you subscribe to the premium channel, Pennyworth premieres on July 28. EPIX streaming subscribers can see it starting on July 21.