Superman - Red Son - Featured - 01

The premiere of Batman: Hush at San Diego Comic-Con had one other big surprise in store: The announcement of an animated Superman: Red Son movie to be released in 2020.

DC has been turning a lot of its classic stories into animated movies over the past several years. Superman: Red Son seems like the perfect type of project for these films. For those unfamiliar with the premise, it’s a simple and complex one at the same time. The story asks what if Kal-El’s ship had landed in Russia as opposed to the U.S. and he was raised as a symbol of the Soviet people.

As we said, simple and complex all at once.

Superman: Red Son will be followed up by a sequel to Justice League Dark entitled Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. While the first film featured John Constantine (who was voiced by Matt Ryan), Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Etrigan, and Black Orchid, DC has not yet announced which heroes will be making the cut this time.

Rounding out the 2020 slate of DC animated movies will be Superman: Man of Tomorrow. This will be an original story and will also mark the first time two Superman animated movies have been released in the same year.

DC Showcase shorts will be hitting our TVs as well including Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, Death, The Phantom Stranger, and an adaptation of Batman: Death in the Family.

It sounds as though it will be a busy year for the DC animated division, and we can’t wait to see what art style they end up using for Red Son. Stay tunred.


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