Here’s your first close-up look at Supergirl’s new suit

Supergirl season 5 is shaking things up a big way and it hasn’t even started. Cast members are leaving and joining, getting hair cuts, and more. One of the biggest changes coming this season is that Supergirl is finally – in season 5 – getting her first new supersuit. Melissa Benoist revealed it via Instagram recently, but here’s your first close-up to hyper-analyze.

Click to view full size.

While Barry and Oliver have been getting new costumes at a one-per-season rate, Kara has had the same skirted suit since season 1, episode 1. But this last season, Kara went through the wringer, having to save the world from Lex Luthor, all-out war, and the physical manifestation of hate. She had to grow, and so it was time for her suit to change.

Gone is the skirt, and the cape has a more aerodynamic look. Meanwhile, her thumb-hook sleeves are still there and her boots look pretty similar to the originals. The suit itself features more gold accents and action lines, but the costume designers saw fit to go the New 52 route with a blue leotard all the way down, a decision sure to be controversial with fans.

Either way, this is the suit we’ll see Kara Zor-El sporting when Supergirl returns on October 6.