Work begins on New Gods movie script

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is now in our rearview mirror, and it’s time for the movie industry to get back to work. And, specifically, that means it’s time for Ava DuVernay and Tom King to sit down and knock out a script for The New Gods film.

King announced last week that he would go directly from San Diego Comic-Con to working with DuVernay, and apparently, he really meant immediately. In a tweet congratulating King on his Eisner Award, DuVernay said she’d “see you tomorrow,” meaning Monday.

Where exactly this New Gods script will go is currently up in the air. DuVernay has made it very clear in numerous interviews since she was named as director that she is a fan of Big Barda. And, as anyone who is familiar with the character knows, where there’s Barda, there’s Mister Miracle.

The overall story of New Gods tells of twin planets New Genesis and Apokolips, ruled by Highfather and Darkseid respectively. The stories of the ongoing war have told many tales, but usually, focus heavily on Orion. Born the son of Darkseid, he was traded to Highfather for his son, Scott Free, in an effort to cement peace between the worlds.

Created by comic legend Jack Kirby, the New Gods have played a large role in the overall DC Universe for decades. Darkseid has gone on to be one of the biggest threats in the DCU, and it sure to play a large part in the story.

No word yet on a release date for the New Gods movie, but with King and DuVernay now at work on the script, hopefully, more updates will be on the way.