Joker runtime confirmed to be just over 2 hours

As we sit and wait for a new trailer for Joker, we can at least give some thought to the runtime as it has finally been revealed.

According to the break down of all the films that will be shown, information from the Toronto International Film Festival states that Joker clocks in at 122 minutes, or 2 hours and 2 minutes. For comparison, Wonder Woman came in at 149 minutes, Aquaman at 142 minutes, and Shazam! at 132 minutes.

The runtime of a film, of course, does not guarantee the quality of a film by any means. It is completely about how that time is used and how effective the storytelling is. Judging by the first Joker trailer, it sure looks as though we’re going to be seeing a very directed story that has one goal: Show us one man’s descent into madness.

Todd Phillips has confirmed the film uses nothing from the comics, so it should be a fresh and interesting journey for everyone who sees it. And with the film not only getting a run on the festival circuit, but also a limited 70mm release, it sure seems that Warner Bros. thinks it has something special on its hands.

We’re all aboard and can’t wait to check it out.

Joker hits theaters on Oct. 4.