New Gods director Ava DuVernay talks early casting on Twitter

There are numerous directors who love to reuse actors. James Gunn uses Michael Rooker constantly. Quentin Tarantino loves Leonardo DiCaprio amongst many others. But it seems Ava DuVernay has a slightly different process.

DuVernay was asked on Twitter recently if she planned to use any of the cast from her Netflix miniseries, When They See Us. She didn’t give any clues to who the lucky castmember may be, but said, “In each of my narrative projects since my first film entitled I Will Follow, I bring over an actor from the last project I made. So, yes, there is a 99.9% chance this will happen again.”

When They See Us tells the story of the five New York teenagers who were dubbed “The Central Park Five” as they were investigated for the assault and rape of a Central Park jogger, as well as various other assaults around Manhattan on April 19, 1989.

The series had a large cast, so it would be next to impossible to even begin to guess who DuVernay may have in mind. The series had a mix of relative unknowns to bigger names such as John Leguizamo (John Wick: Chapter 2) and Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire). The talent pool she could pull from runs deep.

New Gods is still in the scripting stages, and no word yet on when filming will begin or a possible release date.