Ava DuVernay teases Darkseid and the Furies in New Gods movie

New Gods - Comic - The Furies - Generic - 01

It sounds as though Ava DuVernay has some very definite ideas of what parts of the New Gods she wants to show off in her new film. And it appears that a lot of love will be heaped on the residents of Apokolips.

DuVernay is engaging with fans on Twitter, answering questions here and there about what we can expect to see from the New Gods film. Previously she had let the world know we can expect to see someone from her most recent project, When They See Us. Now she has shared some of the characters that will need actors to portray them.

It’s well known that DuVernay is a fan of Big Barda, and her inclusion in the film has been a foregone conclusion for some time now. Well, where Barda goes, so goes the Furies.

One would assume that also means that Granny Goodness will appear as well. Someone has to train the Furies. Granny has trained a number of Darkseid’s most loyal soldiers, and the Furies are fanatical in their devotion to him.  Barda was a member of the team at one time and it makes total sense that this major part of her history would be included if she is such a key player in the film.

DuVernay was that asked about Darkseid himself, and she simply replied with, “Darkseid is.”

This phrase was seen on Tom King’s shirt when the co-writers posted pictures on social media late last week. Still uncertain of what exactly the reference is, but it seems that we will indeed be seeing the lord of Apokolips.

New Gods is still int he scripting stage and does not have a production start date or theatrical release scheduled as of yet.


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