Black Adam filming appears to be delayed yet again

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam appears to have been delayed slightly once again.

The Black Adam movie has been on the docket for at least five years at this point, and the only news we ever seem to get is further delays. Things appeared to finally be moving with Juame Collet-Serra coming on board to direct, but it appears that Johnson has one more movie to get through first.

Hiram Garcia, Johnson’s producing partner, recently spoke with Collider while promoting Hobbs & Shaw.

The success of Shazam! was awesome for us and it was important for us to launch that, get that out into the world and begin crafting this universe. It’s a big thing for us to create this universe, this DC section of the universe, with characters we have planned to bring into it, headlined by Shazam and Black Adam. Jaume Collet-Serra, he just closed his deal, which we’re very excited about, and the plan is to begin filming that end of next year.

There had been some discussion here and there that the upcoming Red Notice for Netflix might cause a delay in Black Adam, and that appears to the be case now. This may actually work in Black Adam‘s favor, however, as it gives Collet-Setta that much more time to prep.

Johnson also has discussed Black Adam briefly while out on the press circuit. He spent most of his time, however, discussing the journey of the character and he will definitely start off as a villain.

All we know is, we’re ready to be done talking about Black Adam and actually getting to watch it at some point. It seems as though the only time we hear about it is that it has been pushed behind another project. Hopefully, this will be the last delay, but we’ll have to wait and see.


SOURCE: Collider