Revoltech Harley Quinn images smack their way online

Amazing Yamaguchi - Revoltech - Harley Quinn - BMN - Featured

The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Harley Quinn is on the way, and there are finally official photos showing us what to expect.

The Revoltech Harley Quinn has shown up as unpainted prototype multiple times. It was finally shown off in painted form at Wonder Fest this past weekend in Japan, and now the official photos have arrived as well.

The new Revoltech Harley will measure approx. 6-inches and will include three facial expressions as well as her mallet and baseball bat. In particular, we’re loving the sound effect add-ons, they seem fitting for a Harley figure.

If you’ve never seen a Revoltech figure before, the poses shown in the photos may strike you as impossible, but they aren’t with the unique joint system these figures use. They are meant for crazy poses. And if you look closely, you can also see her pigtails are jointed as well. This is going to be a log of fun to put into crazy scenarios.

Preorders haven’t opened up yet, but the figure is expected in December and should be priced at ¥7,500 (approx. $69 USD)


VIA: Toyzfrontline