Joker world-wide premiere date and time confirmed

The worldwide premiere date and time for Joker have been set at the Venice Film Festival: August 31, at 7pm Central European. This translates to 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific.

Alberto Barbera, the film festival’s artistic director, was asked on Twitter what time we could expect the premiere to happen, and he confirmed the information.

While this will be the first official public screening of the film – there have been a few industry screenings prior to this – it doesn’t change the release date of the film. We will still have to wait until Oct. 4 for it to hit general release in theaters.

The good news is that it does potentially mean we have a target date now for a second trailer. While Aug. 31 is a Saturday, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see a new trailer on Aug. 30 or thereabouts. With more people seeing the film, Warner Bros. will want to capitalize on the potential buzz from the event. This is pure speculation to be sure, but we won’t be surprised if it happens around this time.

It’s unfortunate we’ll have to wait so long after the premiere for the general release, but we’re hoping for some good buzz after the screening.