Kotobukiya shows off its new Bishoujo Batwoman figure

Kotobukiya is back with the latest addition to its Batman line, a new addition of the Bishoujo Batwoman.

The Bishoujo moniker denotes a product line that sees U.S. female comic character re-imagined in an anime style. This 1/7 scale figure will see Batwoman with an all-new metallic paint job.

The figure is up for pre order now with an expected release in Jan. 2020. The suggested retail price is $84.99.

To commemorate the new Batwoman TV series, Batwoman returns as a BISHOUJO statue once again!

The body suit has been changed to an all new metallic paint, giving this product a more realistic shine. The cape also includes paint that shines in the light, compared to the previous matte finish. The porcelain skin that can be seen on this figure look similar to that of the original comic book renditions of Batwoman.

This statue comes with an additional head part that showcases an unmasked Batwoman.

*This statue comes with a new package design and revamped paint job compared to the 2015 edition of Batwoman.