Early Joker box office forecast calls for a healthy result

The first long-range forecasts are in for Joker, and it appears the Clown Prince of Crime will have a lot to smile about.

Box Office Pro is reporting the first long-range tracking for Todd Phillips’ Joker.  Currently, the service is predicting a very healthy opening weekend in the $60 to $90 million dollar range. As to the eventual domestic box office, it’s currently pegging that at $175 million.

The site does not do international projections.

Among the checks in the positive column for the film, it cites the popularity of the character, audiences being accepting of R-rated comic book films such as Logan and Deadpool, and it’s trending well on social media.

As to possible detractors, it mainly comes down to does anyone want an origin story for the Joker? As a general rule, fans and moviegoers alike have enjoyed the fact we know nothing about him, so that could possibly keep people away.

Wtih a budget of $55 million, a $175 million result would be well within the normal benchmarks of a movie being considered profitable. The site does note that this is the first major departure for DC from PG-13 fare, and that its forecast should be considered volatile until closer to release.

While nothing is set in stone as of yet, things are looking pretty positive for Joker.

Joker hits theaters on Oct. 4.

SOURCE: Box Office Pro