Superman rumored to appear in Titans season 2

Production on Titans season 2 is still underway, and a new report indicated that Batman won’t be the only member of the Justice League we see this year.

According to Titans Access, Superman will be name-dropped multiple times throughout the season, with possibly a shadowy appearance by the end of the season. This would potentially be similar to how Batman appeared at the end of season 1.

There’s no word as of yet as to who may be playing the last son of Krypton. There will be multiple Supermen flying around the Arrowverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, but it seems unlikely the series will share actors.

With Superboy in the mix this season, it seems natural that Superman would play some form of role in the story. Should the series get a third season, hopefully he would even play a more significant role.

If this report proves to be true, Titans season 2 is going to be amazingly busy. The cast will include Genevieve Angelson as Dr. Eve Watson, Natalie Gumede as Mercy Graves, Esai Morales as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, Chella Man will play his son Jericho, and Chelsea T. Zhang will take on the role of Rose Wilson. And, of course, Iain Glen has joined as Bruce Wayne and Drew Van Acker as Aqualad coming on board as well.

There are even some rumors right now that we may see Komand’r, AKA Blackfire, this season.

It’s going to be a busy season for the Titans to be sure, and we can’t wait for it to start.

Titans season 2 will premiere on DC Universe on Sept. 6.