Kevin Conroy likes the idea of Mark Hamill for Crisis on Infinite Earths

Kevin Conroy is finally getting his crack at a live-action version of Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Now it seems that he thinks the Joker to his Batman should join the fun as well.

Over the weekend, a fan commented to Conroy on Twitter that since he was joining the Arrowverse that Mark Hamill should do it as well. Conroy retweeted the tweet with a comment saying, “Very cool idea! Are you listening @HamillHimself?”

If we were to guess, this is probably not the first time Conroy has thought about this. And it’s definitely not the first time fans have thought about it either.

Hamill has already appeared in the Arrowverse as the Trickster on The Flash, a role he first played in the 1990s TV series. This doesn’t preclude him, however, from appearing as another character as the logic of multiverses means anything can happen.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths is shaping up to be a madhouse already with Black Lightning joining the annual crossover for the first time, Brandon Routh appearing as the Kingdom Come version of Superman, and even Burt Ward making an appearance.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover will kick off on Dec. 8 with Supergirl, part 2 will air on Dec. 9 on Batwoman, The Flash will play host to part 3 on Dec. 10, and then we take a break. The crossover will resume on Jan. 14 with Arrow and will conclude the same night with Legends of Tomorrow.

As to Hamill, we can always hope, but, for now, there’s been no indication he will be joining in the festivities.


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