Total Film shows off new photo of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

Total Film has a new issue out, and Joker is the cover story. While the cover is just a montage of previously seen images, there is a new image inside that shows Joaquin Phoenix in his full Joker persona.

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It is believed that this scene happens in relation to his appearance on The Murray Franklin Show, with Robert De Niro playing Franklin.

Things have been fairly quiet on the promotional front for Joker as of late. We did get some new images from Empire in July, but a second trailer has still not arrived. With the global debut happening shortly at the Venice Film Festival, however, some rumors have indicated we can expect a trailer timed with that.

An abundance of promotion may not be needed, though. The earliest projections for the opening weekend box office pegged the film to open $60 to $90 million range. That forecast has now increased to the $70 million to $95 million range, but it is still considered long-range and uncertain.

No matter how you slice it, buzz is definitely building for Joker, and we can’t wait to see Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of  the Clown Prince of Crime.

Joker will hit theaters on Oct. 4.