Titans season 2 Blackfire actress possibly revealed

Olunike adeliyi - Creative Commons License - Chika Ojiegbe
Olunike adeliyi - Creative Commons License - Chika Ojiegbe

Ever since Titans season 1 drew to a close, rumors have circulated about what characters would be added. One that has come up multiple times has been Blackfire/Komand’r, sister to Starfire/Koriand’r, but no actress has been announced.

Earlier this week when the Titans season 2 promo poster was released, Canadian actress Oluniké Adeliyi shared it on her Instagram as well with the comment, “Coming Soon!!! So excited and blessed to be apart of this awesome show #Titans #Titanstvseries #dcuniverse #livingthedream.”


The thing is that as of right now, Adeliyi has never been connected with any role in the series. When a few commenters suggested she could be playing Blackfire, she liked those comments, leading fans to believe we do finally know who will be playing Komand’r.

In the comics, Komand’r is the older sister of Koriand’r, and was passed over for the throne of Tamaran due to a disease she suffered as a child. She was the one who was responsible eventually doe Koriand’r being put into slavery.

As for Adeliyi, she has starred in movies such as Saw 3D, and has made numerous TV apperances on series such as Workin’ Moms and The Girlfriend Experience.

None of this information is confirmed as of yet, but it sure does seem to add up to a second Tamaran making her way to Earth in Titans season 2.

Titans season 2 will debut on Sept. 6, 2019 on DC Universe.


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IMAGE SOURCE: Oluniké Adeliyi – Creative Commons License – Chika Ojiegbe