Swamp Thing concept artist shows off Floronic Man design

With the untimely ending of Swamp Thing due to cancellation, there are a lot of unrealized moments. We saw that the Parliament of Trees was going to be a part of the series, and the prop was even started, but it was killed off too soon.

Now, thanks to artist Jerad Marantaz taking to his Instagram account, we have a better idea of what Floronic Man was going to look like. “I was absolutely blown away by the work Fractured FX did on this project and so grateful to Justin [of Fractured FX Inc] for bringing me on board,” said Marantaz. “Floronic Man was a great assignment, having to design a character that was the opposite of Swamp Thing was a challenge. We went dry and dead with him and stayed in the yellows.”

It was originally believed that the cancellation was due to issues with the tax credit from the state of North Carolina, where the series filmed. That story was later debunked by Guy Gasser, director of the North Carolina Film Office in an interview with Deadline.

Fans were left with lots of questions about why the cancellation happened, and no one ever seemed to give a satisfactory answer. Even James Wan, who helped develop the series, seemed puzzled in an statement he made.

We may never know what exactly happened. For now, we’re just left wondering about what could have been.


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