Titans season 2 trailer shows a team in turmoil

A new Titans season 2 trailer has arrived, and there’s a lot to take in!

First up, while we still haven’t heard the name “Titans Tower” said, it’s becoming impossible to ignore that it’s Titans Tower. We still don’t know if it’s shaped like a giant “T,” but we can certainly hope it is.

Despite the number of characters we’ve heard mentioned joining the series this season, it’s looking as though the focus will be squarely on the core team. It definitely looks as though Wonder Girl (Connor Leslie) is going to be around a lot more. And we really want to see the random fight with ‘Shimmer.’

It looks as though the rumors of Blackfire coming to the series may be true as well.

And let’s address the 800-lbs gorilla in the room. It seems obvious now that Dick (Brenton Thwaites) will become Nightwing this year. The only question is how deep into the season it will be before we see him in costume. There have been no leaks of the suit, so we really have no clue what to expect at this point.

Titans season 2 will debut on DC Universe on Sept. 6.