Warner Bros. releases final Joker movie posters

Joker - Official Images - Final Poster - 1600 - Featured - 01

Following the release of the new Joker trailer, Warner Bros. has also shared the final movie poster that will be hitting theaters.

All three of the Joker movie posters are similar to previous ones we’ve seen, but two have opted for extreme closeups while the third one goes for more of a distance shot. Any of the three would like great in a frame hanging on your wall, though.

We should be learning a lot more about the film in the coming weeks as it begins hitting the film festival circuit. Currently it is scheduled to be shown at the Venice Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and New York Film Fest. And for the rest of the world, you can also be on the lookout for showings of Joker in 70mm if you want to experience it in an even bigger format.

Joker will be hitting theaters on Oct. 4.