Todd Phillips pulls back on the DC Black label a bit

Todd Phillips is getting ready to unleash his vision of the Joker on the world. In the lead up to this day he has talked about a brave new world for DC films where smaller character studies can be done. He told Warner Bros. executives it should be called DC Black and Joker could be the first film to launch this bold new initiative.

Well, Warner Bros. wants to hold off on that concept for a bit it seems.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times during the promotional circuit for Joker, the topic of DC Black came up. Phillips told the reporter, “They’re like, ‘Calm down with the label – how about you do one movie?'” Phillips reportedly said with a laugh.

While Warner Bros. might go down this road, it’s always better to see how things perform first. As you may remember, Universal Pictures went all-in on announcing its “Dark Universe” with a trailer, announcing actors such as Johnny Depp, and so on just to see it crumble after Tom Cruise’s The Mummy hit theaters.

While it’s highly unlikely Joker will be the nex The Mummy, Warner Bros. has certainly been burned enough times by over-promising. Lets see how one film does and then we can consider whether or not a label is needed.

Joker hits theaters on Oct. 4.


SOURCE: Los Angeles Times