Flash Premium Format Figure coming from Sideshow

Sideshow is back with a new Premium Format figure, and it’s everyone’s favorite scarlet speedster, The Flash.

The Flash is getting a truly premium treatment from Sideshow with this new statue. From the accordion effect on the road surface, to his pose, everything about this statue says “speed.” Not an easy task when you’re working in a static 3D medium. If you order directly from the company you also will receive an exclusive Captain Cold gun accessory.

I think your option of where to buy it is pretty simple.

“Life is locomotion… if you’re not moving, you’re not living.”

Sideshow presents The Flash Premium Format™ Figure, racing into your universe of DC Comics collectibles.

The Flash Premium Format™ Figure measures 17” tall and 20” deep as the Scarlet Speedster races down a roadway, kicking up rubble beneath his yellow boots. This hyper-dynamic statue catches Barry Allen in a moment of bullet time, freezing him before our eyes before he speeds off to save the day.

The Flash Premium Format™ Figure is rendered in polyresin and features an entirely sculpted suit that captures the detailed musculature of Barry Allen’s athletic physique. The crimson costume has sculpted piping and stitches designed to mimic the appearance of fabric as the fastest man alive sprints towards his next foe. The Flash’s costume also has yellow accents featuring his lightning bolt motif on the arms, chest, belt, and boots of the statue, as well as the yellow wings on Barry’s red cowl.

The Exclusive Edition of The Flash Premium Format™ Figure includes a swap-out left hand holding Captain Cold’s cold gun as Barry Allen gives his infamous rogue the runaround.

The Flash is available for pre-order from Sideshow. He’ll sell for $575 and is estimated to arrive between July and September 2020.


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