Watchmen featurette explains the new world of the HBO series

HBO has released a new Watchmen featurette that starts filling us in a bit on what to expect from this series.

Creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof kicks off this new video taking care of some potential fears you may have about the series: You don’t have to read the comic to understand it. We’re positive it would help – imagine not knowing anything about Dr. Manhatten – but it sounds like you can skip the source material if you absolutely have to.

The good news is we finally have a name for the group wearing the Rorschach-inspired masks, and they are known as The Seventh Calvary. We’re not quite sure as of yet how that name ties into those masks, but we’re positive we’ll find out soon enough.

Watchmen is a tricky property. The idea of expanding the story is always met with some resistance, especially from creator Alan Moore. Some of the additional material has worked, some haven’t. We’re going into this new series with cautious optimism. There are some amazing actors appearing in this from Regina King to Jeremy Irons, and that alone makes us want to give it a chance.

Watchmen debuts on HBO on Oct. 20.


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