Joker box office projections target biggest October opening ever

As the release of Joker draws closer, so do the box office projections. On Thursday, the Todd Phillips’ film arrived on tracking, and it looks like everyone is pointing at a record.

Tracking combines a number of factors together to start getting a clearer picture of what a film is going to do in sales. While some are projecting as low as $82 million for an opening weekend, another is targeting $103 million. According to the tracking reports, the average is working out in the $90 million dollar range.

Even at the low-end of $82 million, should it hit that number, Joker would become the biggest opening for a film in October. The current record holder is Venom which opened the weekend of Oct. 5, 2018 to $80.2 million. And the second-place film also came out just last year, and was Halloween with $76.2 million.

With good reviews, an award under its belt, and a high level of consumer interest, the record seems as though it’s going to be an easy target for Joker. However, sources close to the film told Deadline that internally Warner Bros. is projecting a result between $65 million to $80 million. Studios, however, are well-known to shoot low to keep the expectations of executives in check.

Joker opens in theaters on Oct. 4.