Diamond Select Toys DC TV Arrow Gallery Batwoman review

I’m not exactly the world’s biggest Batwoman fan, but I can still appreciate a good visual adaptation of a character. And honestly, I don’t know that there’s been a better live-action visual adaptation of a comic book character than the CW’s take on Batwoman, with the exception of the Christopher Reeve Superman. Diamond Select now has a Gallery statue taking on the design, and they sent one so I could take a look. Check out the video, or read the transcript below.

Batwoman Kate Kane has her own series on the way, and Diamond Select Toys has commemorated her debut on the CW’s Arrow with a new statue in their Gallery line.

Batwoman’s box is 12 inches tall, 10 inches wide, and 8 inches deep, and features artwork inspired by Arrow.

Out of the box, she’s 10 and a half inches tall, 8 and a half inches wide, and 5 inches deep.

The sculpt is great. The costume looks like it does in the promotional materials I’ve seen from Arrow and the actual Batwoman series, and I like the dynamic pose. I think the thin antenna is a nice way to bring in a diorama element without going all the way, too. I found the orientation of the Bat symbol a little puzzling, though—I would have expected the tail to be pointing towards me so that it looks upright.

I am genuinely—and pleasantly—surprised at the quality of the paint job. Most Gallery statues have easy-to-spot flaws in this domain, but not Batwoman. Even on her face, where I would expect to find mask paint on her face, or face paint on the rim of the mask, I can find none—it’s excellent work—the sort of thing I usually only find on Diamond’s GameStop exclusives.

All in all, fans of Batwoman should enjoy this. Personally, I still prefer Diamond’s comic-based version, because I like the pose and base better, but this TV version is an excellent piece, and if you’re hyped for the show, you’ll be more than satisfied with this.

DISCLAIMER: Batman News received this collectible from Diamond for the purpose of review.


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