Joker IMAX poster shows a city in chaos

Joker - Official Images - Imax Poster - Featured - 01

Joker is going to be on just about every type of movie screen you can imagine. From regular theaters, to a limited 70mm run, you won’t be able to escape the film. And, yes, that includes on IMAX.

A Joker IMAX poster is now out in the wild, and it shows a car on fire, a hallmark of a city in turmoil and riots.

Joker - Official Images - Imax Poster - 01

Todd Phillips has revealed on his Instagram that tickets should go on sale on Monday, Sept. 23, so hopefully, we’ll ll be reserving our seats soon.

With good reviews, an award under its belt, and a high level of consumer interest, the record seems as though it’s going to be an easy target for Joker. However, sources close to the film told Deadline that internally Warner Bros. is projecting a result between $65 million to $80 million. Studios, however, are well-known to shoot low to keep the expectations of executives in check.

Joker opens in theaters on Oct. 4.