Fortnite X Batman crossover begins leaking out in software update

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Strap in folks, because it looks as though Gotham City is about to crash into the mega-popular Fortnite.

Strange happenings are occurring in Fortnite as we speak. New software has rolled out for the game, and data miners started cracking into it to see what may be lurking inside. Much to everyone’s surprise there was iconic Batman gear such as Batarangs and Grapnel Guns.

It seems as though the Tilted Town area is about to be transformed into Gotham City. The Rift Beacon – a sign an area is about to change – has been activated and everything is falling into place.

Of course, the leaked loading screen also helps with the idea of what is about to happen to Tilted Town.

In further digging by Lucas7yoshi, they also found the prices for the Batman bundle. It appears that in the U.S. it will be $19.99 while the U.K. will run £15.99, and Europe will be €19.99.

With the files in place, and Batman Day rapidly approaching on Sept. 21, it isn’t too hard to make a connection as to when this may launch. As with any sort of leak, none of this is written in stone, and last-minute changes can always happen, but it does appear you will soon be able to take down your enemies as the Caped Crusader.


SOURCE: Fortnite Intel
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