Titans set photos show off Nightwing and Ravager

Nightwing - Comic - Generic - 01

When Robin (Brenton Thwaites) burned his Robin costume at the of Titans season 1, a transformation to Nightwing seemed inevitable. The only question was how long would it take to happen.

We may not know exactly when it will be happening, but it is indeed going to happen. New set photos have surfaced of the final episodes of the season filming, and the Nightwing costume is on set.


Not only that, but Rose (Chelsea T. Zhang) is in her full Ravager costume, complete with gigantic mask eye.


Of any change you would have thought a TV series would make to the costume, you would have thought that one might go, but apparently, it’s going to be there. Color us impressed.

Titans season is currently running on DC Universe with the third episode set to debut on Friday.


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