Exclusive preview: Harley Quinn #66

I think it’s fair to say that Harley Quinn’s life has been relatively wild as of late.  She tragically lost her mother, which has injected the book with some welcome pathos, and she’s effectively exiled herself on the volcano that appeared just off shore of Coney Island.

Like I said: wild.

Oh, and she’s also been reading through comic books that feature here in various crazy adventures, and recently came face-to-face-to-flame with the floating embodiments of the Lords of Chaos and Order.

Not bad for a former psychiatrist.

Harley’s path toward becoming the Angel of Retribution continues next week in issue 66 of her series, and DC Comics have provided us with an exclusive preview of the issue.  Check it out in the gallery below.

The trials are over, and Harley Quinn has won! Or has she? Now imbued with the awesome power of the Angel of Retribution, Harley is given an impossible choice-and a chance to raise a loved one from the dead! Choose wisely, Harley…the fate of the universe hangs in the balance!

Harley Quinn #66 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on October 2.