Smallville season 11 comic is canon for Crisis on Infinite Earths

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Remember how the Kent farm was no longer in the family at the end of Smallville? When Tom Welling reprises the role of Clark Kent in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover he will again possess the farm, and there’s an explanation for that.

While the Smallville TV series ended with the conclusion of its tenth season, it ended up living on as a comic as other shows have done. Smallville Season 11 ran for a few years, and it featured a plot point of Clark and Lois buying back the farm.

Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed that this will be canon for the purposes of the upcoming Crisis crossover, but don’t expect a blow-by-blow recap of the comic.

It’s a minor point to be sure, but an interesting one none-the-less. As every picture we’ve seen of Welling thus far has been on the farm, it did need to be addressed in some way for the fans who remember the end of the TV series.

One can only imagine what other little treats we are in for in this massive crossover, and we can’t wait to see it.

Crisis on Infinite Earths will be split over the winter break. Supergirl will kick things off on Dec. 8, Batwoman will follow on Dec 9, and The Flash will air on Dec. 10.

Things will then pick back up on Jan. 14 with Arrow, and will wrap up with Legends of Tomorrow on the same night.


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