Mr. Freeze is coming to Mezco’s One:12 Collective

I was only in New York for a few hours on Friday, but I saw plenty. And there may be nothing more exciting than this:

I’ve already got two Mezco Batman figures, and another on preorder, so it goes without saying that I’ll be adding this one to my collection. The suit might be a little bit overdesigned, depending on one’s taste, but I think it looks great overall. You can still see those red goggles staring coldly through the dome helmet, and there’s some nice heft added by the armor and tech around his neck, shoulders, and chest. Oh, and that freeze gun is baller. Look out, Bats.

Mezco is fond of variant figures, so I wonder if we’ll see any such alternate takes for Freeze. Or better yet, here’s my free suggestion: make a One:12 Nora Fries in a real glass containment unit. Seems like just the sort of crazy awesome thing Mezco might actually do. And if that’s just asking too much, I’d settle for the same thing in a plastic containment unit.

Make it happen, Mezco!