Prime 1 Studio announces Injustice 2 Brainiac statue

Prime1 Studio is bringing the Injustice 2 Brainiac to life, and he’s as dangerous as ever.

Standing around 30-inches tall, this new Brainiac will be a great addition to your Inustice 2 collection. And if you order the DX version directly the Prime 1 store you’ll receive an extra portrait. The basic version will sell for $999, and the deluxe version will set you back $1,099 and will be limited to 200 units. Both versions will be released between Oct. 2020 and Feb. 2021.

Below is the description and details for the deluxe version of the statue.

“My point of origin was a thousand light years removed from Mars, on the planet Colu. I am… Brainiac.”

Prime 1 Studio is excited to present the Injustice 2 Brainiac Statue!

Injustice 2 is a spectacular fighting video game that is a sequel to 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. It was released by NetherRealm Studios, known for creating the recent Mortal Kombat games. Injustice 2’s storyline centers around Batman and his allies as they try to rebuild the planet after taking down Superman and ending his regime. However, the arrival of the new villain group called “The Society” as well as the arrival of Brainiac forces Batman to free his old friend to help him fight the enemies.

Brainiac is the main antagonist of the game, who roams the universe, collecting knowledge to increase his intellectual and scientific skills. The Brainiac Statue is a beautifully crafted piece. We recreated his tall, muscular body with high attention to details. The base of the statue is inspired by Brainiac’s warship.

Don’t miss out to add Brainiac Statue to your Injustice 2 collections!


  • Statue Size approximately 30 inches tall [H: 75cm W: 37.8cm D: 63.8cm Max width: 140.1 cm (with tentacles stretched to the side)]
  • One (1) designed theme base with a LED light-up function
  • Four (4) different types of tentacles head
  • One (1) alternate Portrait with different facial expression (Exclusive Version Only)